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little five points atlantaNot too long ago I took a quick trip with work to Atlanta. It was a brief stint in the The Big Peach, but in that time I managed to fall in love with the soft southern accents, grow envious of all their Chick-fil-a's (how is it fair that some should have so many, while others suffer?) and meet the awesome ladies that make our sample for us.

I also squeezed in some good food. First, breakfast at The Flying Biscuit, an airy, quirky breakfast spot with indeed, scrumptious biscuits as well as creamy down home grits. I ordered the Southern Scramble with eggs, turkey bacon bits, onions, cheddar, and spicy collard greens. Yummm, just the kind of thing I wanted to take of advantage of out of Yankee territory.

The other great meal came in a slightly more upscale package at South City Kitchen. Their slow cooked BBQ appetizer?that seriously was too much for even four of us, but was so flavorful and delicious it was hard not to fill up on it. I had a nice, mild trout with crab and mashed that was equally worthy of your order. The only place we were disappointed was dessert, where a bland banana pudding and pecan pie failed to wow. Still, it's a nice spot with mostly top notch food.

On the bad side of the food spectrum: Panda Bear buffet. I didn't eat there, but I meet my coworkers and saw their plates. Cold, gelatinous mac and cheese next to fat frozen looking egg rolls? No thanks. But people claim it's better than the buffet across the street, so who knows.

We also somehow managed to get in some good shopping before our plane left in the Little Five Points area, their arty section. I'd avoid Junkman's Daughter unless you want to be transported to your alternative early teenage years in 1993 when baby doll dresses and mass produced spike belts were new and exciting.

Head down the block instead to some decent and mid priced vintage at Clothing Warehouse. The selection is hit or miss and some of the cooler dresses were a bit outside my ultra frugal means but deals can be struck and there is a large selection. The best vintage can be found at Stefan's a smaller but more selective shop with everything from lacy antique lawn dresses to spectacular new look fifties frocks.

For non vintage finds, Wish and Bill Hallmans' Flaunt have some hip pieces (includeing a neon winter scarf I found on sale.)

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Posted on July 21, 2008

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