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shopsin's general storeOh man, if you are going to bust out and eat some truly heavy duty breakfast, health consciousness be damned, then you better do it right and head down to Shopsin's at The Essex Market. Just be sure to get there early, the makeshift corner space to which they relocated after loosing their lease in the West Village only has about seven tables, and they go fast. But don't come with more than four people or you won't be seated. May sound harsh, but look at the menu and it's easy to see why the place is still so popular.

We ordered black berry and mac and cheese pancakes. Let me repeat that: blackberry and mac and cheese pancakes! As in the mac and cheese is inside the pancakes. I once thought apple cheddar pancakes represented the zenith of pancake creations. I was wrong, Kenny Shopsin has managed to elevate the breakfast entree even further. For a meatier option was also shared the poached eggs with BBQ pork, green chiles, sourdough bread cubes, and grilled onions. It was spectacular!

Have I told you I love this place?

I mean both dishes are the kind of options other brunch spots rarely, but sometimes have as a special, and these were just the two that instantly caught our eye on a mammoth menu of many more innovative combinations. You want sliders and eggs? What about a fluffernutter waffle sandwich? Or slutty cakes? Shopsin's is the only place to get them all. The man behind it all recently starred in a documentary about the restaurant called I Like Killing Flies. I plan on checking it out soon.

One of the best dining experiences of the year, Shopsin's only drawback is their loony hours: They are opened Mon-Sat (closed Sunday) 9 -3. It's a tough one for us employed, but whatever it takes, I recommend you make time for a bite there.

Photo from flickr.

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Posted on March 24, 2008

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