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casbah cafeAside from the usual spots we hit for work shopping, this trip offered some more unique places that I found exciting and irresistible.

Una Mae's has an often great selection of both new and vintage and both times I have visited in the last few years I have gone home with something great. This time a red and white patterned breezy off the shoulder number that begs for my red high heels.

About three minutes away you'll find Reform School, one of the city's hippest little stores with a very “new craft” vibe that would fit in very comfortably back here in Brooklyn. Merrimeko table cloths, organic kids toys, and interesting body washes (I got a lime scrub) were nestled among cute cards, gifts, art and house wares. The staff is incredibly helpful and nice.

Right around the corner, though, is where I went the most crazy with the spending at Casbah Cafe. In the front area, you can order a most refreshing mint tea to stay or go, but up the back stairs lies a treasure trove of worldly colorful clothing and jewelry. I went home with a new gold and turquoise dress, a large cheetah brooch, a beaded necklace, and a tote. What can I say? I saw too many things I fell in love with.

I could have gone home with just as much stuff from the similarly french Moroccan inspired but far more gorgeous shop, Indigo Seas, if I were a millionaire. Indian settees and handmade quilted down blankets don't come cheap here, but at least you can walk away comfortably with a few bars of amazingly scented handmade french soaps without burning a hole in your pocket.

Run by Lynn von Kersting who is a famous taste maker and the proprietress of the famous Ivy restaurant next door, Indigo Seas is an experience just to walk through the effortless west coast luxury and ease of lush colors, tropical prints and lovely first edition hard bound books that speckle the store.

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Posted on July 20, 2009

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