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she's come undone wally lamb After tremendously enjoying The Corrections and The Road, I've finally decided (much like the rest of the world) to give in to the will of Oprah, at least when it comes to her reading suggestions. Wally Lamb's She's Come Undone certainly doesn't seem like my cup of tea, and it turns out it's not — but I'm still recommending it because if the Lamb's prose can get me through 450 pages of the kind of book I wouldn't normally read or like, it would be fantastic for those of you out there that really like epic coming of age stories.

It follows the life of poor Dolores from young to middle age as pretty much everything awful that can happen in life does; sometimes more than once. Rape, divorce (twice), mental illness (twice), death (more than twice), secrets, abuse, disappointment, loneliness, obesity, failure, and even AIDS; one begins to wonder what else this girl can possibly endure as the highly symbolic (e.g., a fat girl has thing for beached whales) tale unfolds. But somehow, Lamb manages to save it from melodrama.

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Posted on November 17, 2008

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