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brennan and carr roast beefThere are far edges of this large borough that most people I know have never traveled to. We just spent the afternoon in one of them: Sheepshead Bay, a tight community and coastal area that feels old fashioned and has a few special spots to visit.

First, we headed to the Imax at UA Sheepshead Bay Stadium, a place where we could see Watchmen (I'll tell you more about that next week) in loud, huge, high definition in a totally un-sold out theater. Sure, the place suffers from the same defects as any other, namely: the public can be annoying (and stupid – Note: do NOT bring your very young children to see Watchmen – they will see penises and arms being sawed off!) and the prices are mind numbing, but if you're willing to make the drive or the trek via subway, you're guaranteed a good seat even on opening weekend.

Other enticements include Jordan's Lobster Dock across the street, where we partook in some fresh steamers and butter after the show to discuss the movie. It's a shack of a place that smells like brine and is crowded with kids in basketball shorts. There's nothing fancy to it but I love the idea of ending a movie with a dozen clams. They also have a retail shop where you can pick up, among other things, live lobster to take home for dinner. Which we would have done if there weren't other stops to see before we left the area.

Brennan and Carr was next on my tour and I found it as classically old Brooklyn as I expected from this Hungry Cabbie entry that first informed me of the famous roast beef restaurant years ago. You can order from the concise menu outside or you can take a seat in the cozy, fire-placed back room where local boys serve you in black bow ties and white waiter jackets. Your fellow patrons will mostly be locals who know the value of a simple juicy roast beef on a bun.

The last stop on my list was unfortunately closed when we drove by it. Kiev Bakery is a local pastry shop, but even though i wasn't able to try their sweets, just a glance in the window was well worth it. They specialize in doll cakes and I don't just mean a measly 12 inch doll. The ones in the window were those three foot tall ones, that can open their eyes and toddlers take for walks. Next to them sat huge over the top wedding cakes and I can only apologize for not getting my camera out fast enough to snap a photo.

Also closed, though permanently is Lundy's – a huge (it was once the largest restaurant in the country) famous seafood restaurant that was housed in a great looking building that will become a gourmet market in the near future.

In warmer weather the foot bridges along the water would be a nice place to walk off all the clams and beef.

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Posted on March 9, 2009

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