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What can I say? I was all set to recommend The Perfect Spy, a serious adaptation of the John le Carre novel complete with faded gritty images of post World Wars England and accents. But the problem was, I just wasn't that wild about it. I was dragging my feet to even complete watching the series, even as it promised to get more exciting.

It got me thinking of other spy television programs I'd rather watch and instantly this guilty pleasure late night goof fest came to mind. Jim and I used to abandon ourselves to She Spies almost every night while we lived in Austin and we loved it.

Starring Species girl, the weird looking guy from older Noah Baumbach movies, a nondescript pretty black lady, and an awkward vaguely British bobbed blonde, She Spies was a total rip off of Charlie's Angels; but in my opinion (which will be greatly disputed)- much more fun.

This is the kind of show we need more of! Stuff that is entertaining, easy to watch but honestly and inexplicably, for lack of a better word, good.

There are plenty of bad shows out there that Jim in particular makes us suffer through as “guilty pleasures” like The Closer and Women's Murder Club, but the problem with these is that they seem to have missed the fact that they're fluff and they don't need to pretend to be serious drama.

The last description of Women's Murder Club said “a member receives a frightening diagnosis”. We rolled our eyes and didn't bother to watch. Republican Angie Harmon must be gagging for an Emmy.

Bad TV should just let itself be bad TV and, in turn, it can become great TV. She Spies is a prime example of this and some people must agree, because you can even buy it on DVD. (Of course Duck Tales was just released too, so it's not like DVD release is the most exclusive club).

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Posted on November 26, 2007

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