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Sex in the kitchen r jellyI was racking my brain for a good food song, when bam! it hit me in the kitchen. I wasn't doing anything remotely sexy “by the buttered rooooolls” when it popped in my head, just pouring myself some clamato juice, but once the songs starts, even in your mind, you never want it to stop. I, of course, cannot condone any of the filthy illegal actions this man may be responsible for (his trial starts this week) but in his music, there's an admirable insanity and a really odd sincerity combined with an unsophisticated hilarity that's unsurpassed and just fills me with joy. I think the lyrics of this awesome song should entice you to listen even if you think I'm as crazy as he is for being a fan…

Girl you're in the kitchen/
Cooking me a meal/
Something makes me wanna come in there and get a feel/
Walk around in your t-shirt/
Nothing else on/
Strutting pass, switching that ass while I'm on the phone/
Cutting up tomatoes, fruits and vegetables and potatoes/
Girl, you look so sexy while you're doing the damn thing i want/

Sex in the kitchen over by the stove/
Put you on the counter by the buttered rolls/
Hands on the table, on your tippy toes/
We'll be making love like the restaurant was closed/
How would you like it, baby/
(How would you like that?)/
Tell me right now pretty baby/
(Hey man, I'm gonna call you back)/
Girl you're in the kitchen, chillin in your robe/
I'm sayin to myself she better go put on some clothes/
Tickling and teasing/
Doing that little dance/
Girl, you gon make me lay you down and give it to you one mo 'gain/Girl I'm ready to toss your salad!!!!!!!!!!!!!
While I'm making love, girl I'll be feasting/

Girl you're in the kitchen/
Sweating up a storm/
The oven's on 500/
So you know the kitchen's warm/
Girl you know just how to get into a brother's mind/
Cause here we are still in this kitchen/
Doing it for the third time…

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Posted on September 17, 2007

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