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seth greenBack in the early part of my college experience I had a cute little mohawk (about a decade before Naima or the phrase “faux hawk” existed, I might add) and a serious Buffy obsession. In fact, I became so smitten with Oz that I was prompted to write my only fan letter ever. It was hand painted?images–and I even included a photo of my little grinning self. I really thought it was just the thing to melt the heart of a famous nerd like Seth Green.

Sadly, I got no response. I still believe some jealous roommate was to blame and my letter is stashed away in some dude's box of old Playstation games, a couple of issues Nintendo Power from the early 90's, a few Jaz disks and all of his old roommate Seth's very best fan mail.

It's not just his all too brief stint as the most caring werewolf boyfriend a girl could have that's endeared me to Mr. Green: he was the face of young Woody Allen in one of Allen's best, Radio Days; and he absolutely ruled as the friend in the uber-cheesy rollerblading movie, Airborne (which was also a college obsession because it starred Shane McDermott from Swan's Crossing and because it was an uber cheesy pre teen movie about roller-blading).

Airborne also features freend Brandon (who has lived my dream of guesting on Law and Order–I've always wanted to play a college coed who can't believe her roommate would jump out of a window; though now, since I'm getting older, maybe the secretary of a high class lawyer who somehow ends up dead on the Lower East Side. I'd try to prevent the detectives from entering my boss's office with a line like, “I'm sorry sir, you can't go in there, that's Mr. Whatever's office,” to which the late Jerry Orbach would dryly reply, “Oh yeah? Well your Mr. Whatever is dead.”)

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Posted on April 21, 2008

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