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serious eats recipeWhile I have recommended sister sites Slice and A Hamburger a Day, I've yet to give credit to the most well rounded member of the enthusiastic food blog family, Serious Eats. Lately (as you can see from this week's recipe) I've been turning to it more often for great recipes with good photos (unlike the also great but slightly snootier Eater, Serious Eats is not “above” food porn); I'm looking forward to Greens, Eggs, and Speck soon.

There are also plenty of discussion groups, if that's your thing, with forum topics like “My first bag of Meyer lemons purchased: Now what?” and “Bacon making question“; so sign on up if you have a culinary query and no one to answer it.

There's also tons of info covered in the Eating Out section. From images of an enticing maple syrup and snow dessert from Vermont (yum), wineries in Italy, and something called a Chicago Style lobster dog.

There are also fun and helpful columns like The Grocery Ninja, where they show you how to use unusual items from the store. For example, have you ever wondered what to do with condensed milk and agave nectar, now you know.

The cocktail section is also, of course, pretty darn appealing and as soon as I have a night to relax with some booze, I have a whole cache of concoctions to try. I know a few friends that would probably like to help me.

In all editor Ed Levine, one of the foremost food writers in the city, has created a friendly and easy to navigate food blog with lots of really helpful information.

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Posted on April 13, 2009

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