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hawkOn the way to work through McCarren Park, we saw a very odd site. A pack of teenagers were slowly making there way across the park with a park ranger in between them. It looked like the lost boys of Peter Pan had taken Ranger Smith hostage and were silently escorting him to his execution.

Then we realized they were all looking upwards, as were several passersby. The kids and the ranger were friends! And they were gathered together to see the red tailed hawk that has taken up residency in our local dirt park.

I'm a huge fan of birds of prey, they are always my favorite part of any zoo. Makes sense then, that according to my chart reading large birds are my dominant animal. And ours is beautiful. (It's worth noting that the photo is not of the exact McCarren park bird, but it's the same species–I've yet to catch the local gal with my camera).

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Posted on February 4, 2008

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