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antibalas securityFinding an album from 2007 that I really loved was not the easiest task either, it took nearly an entire day of research but, in the end, it was the most rewarding and I actually ended up with two that could have easily made the picks. It was great to experience some new music, the exploration lead to some disappointments but more avenues opened to new sounds and new artists.

In short: much was learned. LCD Soundsystem is just regular-ish pop music! M.I.A is alternately pleasing and irritating! Just because a band has an awesome name and album cover does not mean they will sound distinctive!

Well, not sounding distinctive is certainly an issue Antibalas will never have to worry about. The originality of their fourth album, Security, instantly jumped out at me as I scanned the tracks on iTunes, and I bought it right away. A mixture of old school world music, their sound is often associated with the socially conscious afro beat techniques of Fela Kuti, and new soundscape experimentation. My two favorite tracks best describe the dichotomy. “Broken Metal” sounds electric and very new and exciting, while it would not surprise anyone if I told them the equally grand “Sanctuary” was recorded in the seventies.

The band itself, a huge thirteen piece horde, is made up of local boys with some shows in the area coming up.

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Posted on December 31, 2007

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