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sebastian bachSigh, what do you do when your dream boat ends up a dud? There was no denying Sebastian Bach's girlish handsomeness with those flowing locks and come and kiss me lips. Nothing can ever take away his vocals on 18 and Life away from me; It will always be a super favorite of mine.

But what am I supposed to do when he wears an offensive shirt, or stars in Jekyll and Hyde – (which actually I wish I had seen – moreover I'd like to see him at the restaurant as a surprise guest waiter … give him a few more years..) or I find that he is an immature egomaniacal maniac (albeit an entertaining one)?

The answer is denial, and acceptance of the fact that most people we admire or fantasize about or adore from afar are usually disappointing up front, a fact solidified in my mind when recently I realized that several people I knew in the past and didn't care for, are or will become famous. Such is 18 and life …

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Posted on July 17, 2006

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