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I am not usually one to play games with my phone. I had almost no apps installed until recently, but when you are feeding a baby 12 hours a day, a little silly distraction is more than welcome.

My game of choice is Scramble Challenge Edition, which is just challenging enough to be interesting, not so much to get frustrating. You can play with friends but I promise to never drag anyone else into it.

I played a version of it in my head while I was induring back labor – creating words with similar letters, but then – the word “unicorn” popped in my head, which shared none of the letters I was thinking of and it was awful (keep in mind it was 4 am and we were actually half hallucinating at that point). So, while it helps to keep your mind of pain and pass the time while breastfeeding – it has it’s limits.

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Posted on November 19, 2010

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