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scissor sistersThe Scissor Sisters' debut album was one that grew on me over time, one song at a time. First I was?taken in my “Laura“, a poppy diddy that dismissed my fears that the popular band was too 1990s club music for my tastes. Next I totally fell in love with “Tits on the Radio“, another catchy tune that references the pier walkers and Voguers from this week's film:

“Where are the queers on the piers, heard they gave it their best/
Now they got jobs at a local fast food chain/
Flippin' tricks for the burger, since Lady M jacked their fame”

No idea who “Dark Room Danny” is–if any one knows, do tell.

Then I heard the infectious and fun “Take Your Mama Out“, so pretty soon I found myself a total lover of all the songs on this hit album by the?lively and lurid American act (people often think they're British because they received so much more attention and praise there–this was the best-selling album in the UK in 2004). They prefer not to be defined by their sexuality, though members are openly gay and proud, a fact that journalists worried would stall their climb to stardom–perhaps not without merit, considering the lengths others in the music industry will go to distance themselves from the “g” word.

My brother tells me their live act is not to be missed but no tour dates are currently scheduled.

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Posted on June 22, 2008

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