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Sarge’s is a quintessential NY deli that’s been slinging huge sandwiches and egg creams since 1964. It’s famous: the kind of place tourists read about in guide books, regulars frequent religiously, and has head shots of famous visitors plastering the walls – but it’s not necessarily a spot all locals have been.

We got our opportunity when a quick doctor appointment left us at lunch time in Midtown with a sitter already watching Van. I jumped at the idea since I have been Reuben crazy lately – mostly because it’s one of the only sandwiches I ┬ácan have while pregnant due to its steaming hot meat.

Here the Reuben is gigantic, it makes your eyes bulge in shock when the plate is presented in front of you. The ingredients are top quality and they give a side of dressing so you can add to your taste. My only qualm is that, truth be told, I think a Reuben benefits from a bit more balance of ingredients – namely less meat – but the jaw busting sandwich is what they do and it’s fun to be part of the tradition. The wash it all down, the egg cream is great.

If you fear it will be teaming with tourists, you are correct – and boy, can they be rude. The guy next to us told the life long waitress, before she even had a chance to say hello “Listen can we make this enjoyable for my friend and I? Can we at least try that honey, thanks. And if I want coffee I will ask for it after my meal” in a lazy Southern draw and a Wilson’s leather jacket. At the other table Jersey kids discussed disappointment that you “still had to pay some money” for counterfeit purses in Chinatown. On the plus side, it makes you proud to be a New Yorker.

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Posted on April 2, 2012

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