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mystery spot santa cruz caMy friend Shaun is wild about his Northern California hometown, Santa Cruz, a town you may know as the home of The Lost Boys, thinly disguised as Santa Clara. A young boy version of Shaun can even be seen in the background of the video store scene.

According to him though, there's much more to his beloved city. His favorite spot, which was prominently displayed in the movie, is The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk which features rides he can only describe as super fun. This is high praise coming from a roller coaster nut like him (he spends his evenings reading about them on his lap top until he falls asleep). Make sure not to miss out on the Casino at the end of the boardwalk which houses tons of old games and pinball machines. Next door to the Casino, you have to make your way to some awesome mini golf at Neptune's Kingdom.

Of course, you'll have to eat and Shaun's most favorite of a lot of good Mexican is Palapas, a bit south of the city.

The place I plan to visit first on his list of favorites, though, is the odd Mystery Spot, a literal spot on the ground, a hundred fifty feet in diameter that defies the laws of gravity and perspective.

Thanks for all the tips, Shaun!

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Posted on December 17, 2007

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