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Sammy's Roumanian Style RestaurantMany an excessive night have my family and I shared beneath these stained drop-ceiling panels and within these famous signed head shot layered walls. Honestly, with its constant bah-mitzfah attitude, klezmer music, steaks so big they spill over the sides of the plate, the canister of fat on the tables, and the vodka (do not forget the vodka, vodka that comes by the bottle full incased in a huge faux ice block and makes crazy things happen) it's the most fun and most gluttonous evenings you will have in the city.

What's that? My little brother laughing til it hurts to my left, my mom crying to my right, and my dad pretending to be a member of Jethro Tull and posing in other familys' photographs in front. This is a normal night at Sammy's and it's always a blast.

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Posted on November 20, 2006

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