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378 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg

If I had to describe my palette, I could pretty much just list of the ingredients in Saltie‘s sandwich menu. Beets. pickled eggs, sardines, capers, olives, pickles, oh my yes!!!

Most importantly, though the sandwiches equal more than the sum of their parts. The flavors are balanced and the pillowy bread is a perfect compliment – after all nothing is worse than a good sandwich with a bad bun.

I had to give the Captain’s Daughter a try as a huge fan of sardines but rarely ever finding them on menus. With a green salsa, pickled eggs, parsley and olive oil, it was spectacular. One of those meals that makes you kind of dance around with joy with the first bite.

Jim, whose palette is decidedly different than mine ordered the Scuttlebutt. Packed with beets, feta, olives, capers and more – it was excellent. Even Jim was a huge fan despite the powerful flavors that are usually not to his taste (he used to consider salt too spicy).

Daily specials looked amazing – on the day we were there: an egg bowl featuring roasted turnips and some of the most fluffy and appetizing looking scrambled eggs I have ever laid eyes on. They also have baked goods that I’ve not tried yet.

I had been meaning to go here for months and months and now only regeret I never made it sooner. I can’t wait to eat my way through the whole menu and then start again. There’s lots of hype from foodies about these sandwiches, but they live up to it.

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Posted on December 23, 2010

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