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sabado giganteSabado Gigante is one television show muy loco. By that I mean this is one crazy show. And so much fun. I used to watch this all the time to brush up on my spanish for my high school class back when Senora Wells was giving out extra credit for watching Univision and Telemundo .

These stations allowed us gringos a glimpse of a land where telenovelas tell the tales of poor good girls in love with men from a higher class (often in braids or ringlets or braids and ringlets ) and the rich bad girls that try to thwart their love(the ones with even more mascara and no braids), where dancing on the beach can become daily watching for my dad (it's true, he watches Caliente all the time), but most importantly the land of Sabado Gigante, the hours long mix bag variety game show hosted by Don Francisco. I love the madness and the world agrees, it is one of the longest-running weekly television shows in history.

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Posted on April 30, 2007

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