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Sure, I loved Fifteen; it was no Swan's Crossing or Degrassi, but is was excellent as far as teen stereotype driven melodramas go… I loved watching the sagas of Matt, torn between basketball and alcohol; his girlfriend Ashley (Laura Harris of my husband's dearly missed Women's Murder Club), who spoke as if she were on the verge of tears all the time; total bitch Brooke, hell bent on destroying the happiness of others; and Dylan, the cool guy with the leather jacket and the serious attitudebut that pig-faced little kid Billy Simpson, he was never my favorite.

Years later, that pig-faced kid is a pig-faced man, only now he's Van Wilder, and women are in love with his hunky body. Sure, he might be one of Hollywood's most commercially viable leading men (he was fine in Adventureland) and married to the gorgeous Scar Jo, but he'll always be Billy Simpson to me and, even worse, he reminds me too much of Dane Cook in the face to qualify as a hunk.

I actually feel kind of guilty disparaging someone who doesn't seem all that bad… I'm sure he's a nice person(?), but I simply cannot abide his status as a hunk.

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Posted on November 9, 2009

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  • From darkflux on June 13, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    perhaps only because you already knew him as an annoyance, it is impossible for you to quantify him as anything more. peoples’ first impressions tend to stick with them, and it is almost always hard to break them, if not impossible.

    i first saw RR on Two Guys A Girl & A Pizza Place (which changed its name to Two Guys & A Girl in Season 3). on that TV show, he played a quirky smartass who had non-standard reasoning for every crazy thing he did. he was quick-witted, fast-acting (often to his downfall), and easy on the eyes, and immediately he won me over.

    since then, there’s been Waiting, Just Friends, and recently, Green Lantern (which i didn’t think i would like, but did), and dozens more, and he’s yet to let me down as a character actor, doing what he does best: having fun.