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Russ & Daughter Super Heeb Another ancient stalwart of old Manhattan, Russ and Daughters has been selling hand made bagels, salads, and cured fish since 1914. The Super Heeb sandwich, of which you may have heard of in Time Out or Heeb Magazine, might be a bit newer than that. Everyone credits it with being a superior bagel sandwich going beyond note-worthy to become almost a cult legend. It mixes whitefish, horseradish cream cheese, and wasabi roe… but before you run in fear of spiciness or intense flavors, don't. The sandwich is actually quite mild–but by no means boring.

Both Jim and I, with our contrasting palates, were thoroughly satisfied. The shop itself is a tempting smorgasbord with such delicacies as home made kugle, smoked tuna, pickled herring, caviar and caviar cream cheese. The only thing it lacks is a place to sit and eat, but we only had to go a couple blocks to find a park bench to enjoy our spoils.

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Posted on October 8, 2007

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