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running in heelsOf all the lame and desperate reality shows to come round, Jim and I took a shine to one of the most ostensibly boring. Running in Heels revolves around the none to glamorous adventures of three interns at Marie Claire. They get coffee! They fail to hail cabs! They haggle over Chinatown luggage! All the while bemoaning how haaaard they're working.

It's a super addictive show mainly because it most closely resembles the life and people my friends and I would gossip about in our actual lives. There are minor competitions, like helping with a charity event, or writing a blog about Kenneth Cole, not exactly the stuff of television magic, but the intrigue of these catty girls competing to literally be better than the other ones at grabbing coffee for the Vassarettes (the world's first “bra” band!, huh?) is funny and perfect for lazy morning viewing over some baked eggs.

I guess it's a bit late to be recommending this show, but I had to wait until the finale to decide if it was going to make it because if they dared to offer the job to that bitch Ashley, giving young viewers the false impression that being a terrible, horrible person is the way to get ahead in life, there was no way on earth I could recommend it.

I know, it may not be mature or endearing for me to feel so much hatred for some idiot girl, but you didn't see Ashley! As it turns out, Marie Claire did fine by me, condemning her attitude as a major liability in the real world, and so now I can safely admit, somewhat sheepishly, that I watched and enjoyed every episode.

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Posted on April 27, 2009

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