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My friend Mike amazes me often with two qualities I do not possess: patience and being good with his hands. He always has something time consuming and wonderful going on. Home made peppermint patties from scratch, hand made molded candies, pretzels straight from his oven, a new tasty ice cream every few months, as his friends, we reap the benefits of his craftiness – until recently.

For weeks he bought odd and neat sounding herbs and spices, including sarsaparilla and sassafras and even found some great bottles to make home brewed root beer. Sounded lovely and we all eagerly awaited the first batch. Then, we heard nothing for a bit, but one look on Mike's face when we asked how it turned out said it all.

I guess using a 200 year old recipe can result in unexpected things, in this case a bizarre medicinal beer like froth. Not to be totally dissuaded though, he's going to try again with a more modern and familiar recipe.

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Posted on November 10, 2008

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