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ronnybrook butter pecan shakeI don't even want to know how bad (calorie-wise) this rich, creamy and sweet indulgence is for me. The milk and ice cream tastes so fresh and natural due to the non-homogenized milk and Ronnybrook's high organic standards. We got a butter pecan shake to share and we're sitting fat and happy just taking in the creamy goodness.

It's a cute spot inside Chelsea Market with milk crate lined walls and exposed brick. There's a ton of alluring treats within the Market's walls, but none called to me quite as much as these milkshakes–definitely a must when visiting.

You can also pick up all the Ronnybrook product line (cheese, yougurt, butter, milk bottles and pints of icecream) to go, but sitting at the round bar with a fresh-made milk shake of your choice is the way to go. One is enough to share between two people.

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Posted on April 28, 2008

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