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Jim has been using the imperfect but pretty awesome program called Tune Up to match our sprawling music library with titles and cover art.

Because of this, when the AM Gold classic, Baby Come Back came on, I beheld one of the most brazenly extreme 1970’s displays of questionable men’s taste. Tinted glasses, deep V necks, silver belts, indescribable coifs, handle bar mustaches and their name is PLAYER!.. Of course, I was instantly in love.

But, wait just a second… That guy in the blazer and silk scarf(!) doesn’t he look familiar?

Could it? It couldn’t. But maybe it could be… Is that the hunk from one of the best films ever made – Hard Ticket to Hawaii??

Oh my goodness, friends. I found out that indeed, it is the same man.

Rowdy Abilene from Hard Ticket sang Baby Come Back.

I’ll just let that sink in.

His real name is Ronn Moss and apparently everything he touches is pure gold. Which means I should probably have been watching The Bold in the Beautiful where he played a fashion magnate named Ridge Forrester!!!

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Posted on January 5, 2012

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