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roman polanskiOK, I know, sometimes I can forgive too easily my celebrity favorites. I've made all sorts of nefarious characters my hunk of the week before (re: Axl Rose, John Rheys Meyers, Eliot Spitzer, not to mention there is?my well known love for R Kelly's music – a love which not even a statement like?span class=”black2pt” id=”intelliTxt” name=”undefined”> “For the record, R Kelly is not the best at reading and writing. I don't have no shame in saying that.” and some bad news peeing can curb.

But I still feel a bit odd professing my uncontrollable love for Roman Polanski. But this week's TV pick sheds a little more complex light on the infamous subject (in case you don't know, yeah, um, he slept with a queluded up thirteen year old) and he also dated Nastassja Kinski when she was 15, but that was in Paris, so it was no big deal – those hedonists!

I vehemently am anti-grown men having teenage love affairs, but my goodness is this man talented, and his corrupting charm is irresistible. The accent, the petite frame, the fitted almost safari like tees (see picture), the flop of carefree hair, the dimples, the mind blowing confidence and sexual energy?OK I have a crush on a man who would have only found me remotely interesting fifteen years ago.

Or maybe not even then, judge for yourself based on this photo taken during Jr. High. Not exactly Nastassja Kinski, huh?

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Posted on July 14, 2008

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