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octopus roger dean gentle giantIf you have ever gazed in wonderment at the cover of Uriah Heep's The Magician's Birthday, or sketched the Yes logo in a notebook, you know the power of the art of Roger Dean. His distinct pastel psychedelic style and trippy imaginative landscape imagery, including flying elephants and pearl hording sea dragons, grace the covers of over tons of albums and the bedrooms of rock-nerd-boys all over the world.

If any of you know of my dream to live in a geodesic dome, you'll understand why he continues to be a hero for me today. Just look at his Home For Life project – a sustainable village he plans to build in England that looks like one of his far out illustrations. He has devoted himself to these environmental, cheap constructions since the need, sadly, for mind bending watercolor album covers has diminished.

On his site you can send someone a far out postcard or pick up an amazing mug–which I really, really want.

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Posted on January 14, 2008

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