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roger clark is a b boy on ny1Oh, how I love NY1! My friends may tease when it's blaring in the background when they stop by but they're just missing out on some amazing journalism by Roger Clark whose described on their a site as having “eaten prawn at seven in the morning” and by The Observer, (affectionately) as “The Last Schlub on TV“.

Even the stoic Lewis Dodley had to chuckle after seeing Roger's face turn a bizarre shade of out-of-shape-man red during an intense b-boy and b-girl session. Clark is like a dream character for Ed Helms, a likable, well intentioned nerd whose friends and family, I imagine must endure weekly cringe-fests at his latest on screen antics.

Like the time he was supposed to report on a major political round table where the president was meeting “with like, all kinds of people” and quoting Coming to America to an unamused Pat Kiernan. Or when he was trying to wrap his head around Rick Rolling. Or as he was patiently being taught how to scratch like a DJ.

While it's not updated, you can meet another fan of the man's doofus ways here at the I Heart Roger Clark blog.

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Posted on January 12, 2009

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