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rocks off concert jollyship the whizbangRocks Off concert series, which runs through September and part of October is an ingenious idea. Rent a party boat, sell beer, then get bands and performers to play. Much like their logo (a unicorn humping a dolphin) would suggest, this is not a fancy, fussy affair, but welcoming and laid back, and the performers they booked are as varied as a Guns 'n' Roses Tribute band, Lee Scratch Perry, and Jollyship the Whizbang – the pirate puppet troupe band we saw play.

This lively, dashing group and their foul mouthed puppets were entertaining but suffered (understandably) from the limited space. From their website, I gather more sets and costumes are utilized and based on their looser, more adlibbed performance on the boat, I can, with confidence, say the full experience will be well worth your time.

The opening band was somewhat forgettable, but they certainly had a blast playing, maybe just a tad more than we had listening. A fog machine on a boat quickly becomes suffocating so we ventured out onto the small deck, where everyone else was, to get some air. The deck was packed all night, imagine one of those terrible shoulder to shoulder bars crowded tighter than the Tokyo Metro… now imagine the floor moves in an undulating motion.

The experience was intense, particularly if you don't have some rail space to hold onto. We managed to snag some rail on the return trip and got to experience the upside to the popular venue – the truly amazing views, from right next to the Statue of Liberty, to grand vistas of the city at night that really make you feel in awe and in love with such a great town. So make sure to take advantage of this singular experience with your favorite of the available bands, they should have something for everyone.

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Posted on August 20, 2007

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