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maine lobster roll lobster shackWe decided to fly to Maine (JFK-Portland totally affordable and so quick) and do a little Maine lobster scenic end of summer tour!

We arrived in Portland absolutely starving, and went straight to the first lobster shack on our list (we compiled a lil lobster roll list from chowhound and the site with the absolute most thorough lobster roll thesis we could find- )

Our first stop was the “Lobster Shack” at Two Lights Park, named for it's two lighthouses its a quick drive from Portland airport and even without a proper map we managed to find our way. It's a beautiful spot, very scenic, breezy and a decent roll– I have to admit it was not our favorite, but the views made it well worth it!

Then we were on our way to Rockland, Maine were we had a room booked at the Berry Manor.?The Berry Manor it turns out was featured in a food network throw down. Famous for its homemade pies and the “pie ladies” we figured we were in for a treat and we were not disappointed. The Berry Manor was large and charming, with just enough of that “bed and breakfast” charm. Pies were available to eat at all hours of the day, in fact there were pies, ice cream and other pie toppings on hand at all times! The pies were deelicious!

Our big Splurge in Rockland was dinner at?Primo, We were just planning to go for $1 oysters at the bar but our host at the Berry Manor was nice enough to get us a reservation. Even though it was a little bit of an unexpected hike from the Inn and a little more upscale than I was expecting (I don't think anyone expected us to walk there) it was well worth it! It's one of those seasonal restaurants that uses local produce and meats, a really great treat to go to outside of NY.

We tried a few small dishes and asked if the chef would make us a vegetarian entree of her choosing (the chef is Melissa Kelly) and the dish was incredible, a mix of fresh veggies and spices..

Rockland is a small, walkable quiet town. There was plenty to see and eat
in our 2 days there and I'd go back anytime to explore more. We had one rainy cold Maine day that gave us a chance to visit the Farnsworth Museum. It's mainly themed towards Maine artists and art about Maine/New England but their collection is extensive and there were some awesome quilts and folk art exhibits.

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Posted on October 20, 2008

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