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rock band video gameMy lack of certain hand eye coordination is no secret. It was evident every time I fail to ride a bike, the time I tried to learn guitar, a fiasco I continue, with more than a hint of a straight face, to blame on my small hand size and only resulted in a serious hatred of the song Losing My Religion which I picked as the first (and ultimately the last song to learn).

It is most noticeable when I go real life bowling (not wii bowling – I absolutely rip on that and even set records when I have had a couple old fashions) but in real life I am so bad, that a group of men were laughing and taking photos the last time I played. (Actually that is false. I thought in a haze of shame and paranoia that they were taking photos of my failings – an easy assumption to make as they were seated directly behind me and looked the type – but it ends up they were photographing their kids in the next lane. Note to anyone who wants to use me as an inspiration for a novel – my tragic flaw could be paranoia – my charming flaw that will make male readers age 12-24 fall in love with me is the whole hand eye coordination that is the focus of this ramble).

Jim shares my inability. Just ask about the time we got stuck (and never unstuck by the way) at a rope and box jumping challenge in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

So, not surprisingly, we were the weakest link in Rock Band – but it is so fun, no one cared. Our whole family got involved in this generous surprise from my mom for thanksgiving. My brother, sister and cousin went way farther in the game when Jim and I were standing in the sidelines. Although I could sing – frankly anyone can – just ask my sister's boyfriend's crazy monotone whaling.

There is a major flaw to the game, and it all comes down to dollars. I think they just couldn't get the rights to that many songs – I must have sang Mississippi Queen thirty times over the holidays. Eventually, there will be many more to download, but each will cost money. Perhaps the remarkably reasonable price of the game and the sweet drum, guitar, and mic (under $200) helps to make up for that kind of spending.

Still it's a rocking time and perfect for gatherings.

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Posted on December 10, 2007

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