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Cure Front Man

Robert Smith is too mysterious to be a mere pop star, too peculiar to be a typical heartthrob, but with his shock of black tangled hair, whiter than white skin, and smeary red lipstick, he changed what the face of rock and roll could look like.

With his sensitive and intellectual lyrics and pop sensibilities that merged with gloom, sadness, joy, heartbreak, and wonder – he changed what popular music could sound like too.

Even as he’s associated with creating the “goth” subculture, you know, back when it was a subculture and not manufactured for mall stores, his look and music are far too unique and complex to neatly fit in that category.

While very, very few men can pull off the look exactly (and  by now you should know if you’re one of them or not) there’s more to his style than just drag ghoulishness.

Just love that grey sweater vest/polo combo (see? not what you’d consider goth huh?) and below/after the jump he plays guitar in the most perfect gloomy artist sweater ever.

On top of having great taste in sweaters, he’s also pretty much a musical genius – a fact I am reminded of every time a Cure song comes up on the shuffle just as A Letter To Elise did this morning, causing teenage romantic palpitations and sudden urges to keep a journal.

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Posted on March 11, 2011

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