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rob halfordI am sure there was more than one distraught teased head, more than one sobbing mascaraed and blue eye-shadowed eye when metal god and Judas Priest front man, Rob Halford announced he was gay. Until then, as we know from Heavy Metal Parking Lot, girls wanted to “jump his bones”. Even though it was officially announced in the press in 1998, it had been a known secret for years by his friends and other music insiders. I wonder which leather ensemble clued them in. His coming out was met with enormous support from the fans, proving that heavy metal dudes are way more tolerant than most upstanding middle moms and dads.

Growing up, I knew Halford as a bald intimidating man who could screech like crazy and almost went to jail for his (awesome) song Better By You, Better Than Me and the imagined subliminal messages in it. Seeing earlier videos of him, particularly for Breaking the Law or Living After Midnight or this really old video featuring the man himself with long hair shed new light on the legend, a light that shows just how totally adorable was and still is! I too would have wanted to jump his bones

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Posted on October 6, 2008

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