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My dear friend Stacy has been a partner in crime during my few solo outings- whether to gobble Malaysian and gossip or sip pink champange at the Metropolitan Opera House. She’s also, and always will be, no matter how many days go between seeing each other, one of my spirit sisters.

We share an affinity for the voice of Sandy Denny, odd remnants of the past (particularly the turn of the century and the 1990’s), heavy metal tee shirts, and intricate embroidery among many other good things.

Her musings, inspirations, and heads up on the latest awesome vintage pieces she’s procured (that you can buy at her shop!) can all be found at her tumblr page. I only wish she was less busy actually doing amazing stuff to update it constantly!

Her brick and mortar shop is at 377 Broome (formerly known as Exquisite Costume and sporting a stunning make over) and you can contact her for a by appointment to peruse her vintage library at her new show room on Eldridge St. by calling 212 966 4142.

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Posted on May 20, 2011

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