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ren faireThe day we go to the Ren Faire is one I count the days until every year. And every year is a different adventure. Highlights from this year? A 500 pound toothless Friar Tuck trying to sell me on applying for the “wet chemise” contest, assuring me not to worry – “the big girls go first, you have a chance of winning”.

Stacy being asked (out of the blue) by a man easily into his fifties to come home with him, that he owns his own home, is a good man, puts the toilet seat down and has a good job –in direct contradiction to the fact he was selling tickets to his knife throwing show while sporting a pair of purple crushed velour tights.

And speaking of velour – it is everywhere. The faire begins with your first mead near M'ladies Panties shoppe, followed by a performance of some kind at the Cock and Bull, then some knife throwing, crap buying, archery, tarot readings down Mystic Way, and a portrait in costume that is the best souvenir money can buy.

Lots of walking, drinking, eating, and laughing in between. In all, one of the best days of the year!

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Posted on August 21, 2006

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