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refinery 29 paul smithSarafina, my co-worker who has been invaluable with her recommendations sent me a link to Refinery 29 the other day. The entry was about Anna May Wong (see this week's female style icon) but the entire fashion site is totally great.

There's a blog with lots of links to everything from Sarah Palin finally letting her hair down, to an enthusiastic review of the new shop Old Hollywood in Greenpoint (hmmm, looks like I need to make a visit myself).

Their fashion section features seasonal trend watches (big round glasses are in, yay for our eyes! And so are totally towering platforms boo for our feet!). There's also Sartorialist style street photos by Pete Miszuk. They too choose style icons in their style and people section including young “it” girls of tomorrow who were all born in the 80s.

Travel guides of Melbourne, Chicago, San Fransisco, Istanbul, and Greenpoint have me dreaming of vacations but content with my own back yard.

This is a new one to add to the daily roster of stylish internet trolling.

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Posted on October 13, 2008

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