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34 Van Dyke Street, Red Hook

Rocky Sullivan’s in Red Hook offers as part of their Think Global, Eat Local menu a home to the Red Hook Lobster Pound‘s lobster dinners on Friday nights. The mood is relaxed, the tables communal, and the lobster is truly outstanding. Honestly, this may have been the best whole lobster I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. Jim, who once worked as a stoned, surly prep cook for a high end restaurant as a teen was thankfully there to help more novice lobster eaters out with the tricks of getting to the meat.

Make sure to take advantage of the plastic bibs, because if you don’t make a crazy mess, you’re not doing it right. With a side of corn and potato salad (or coleslaw if you’re a weirdo) this is perfect summer eating and a real must before Fall breezes in (any day now). The meal is finished off with a great sugary whoopie pie. Other nights, the noisy but chill spot offers more traditional pub grub.

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Posted on August 29, 2010

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