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I love old Playboy Magazines and like a hoarding, horny old coot I keep a stash in my house right next to the Italian Vogues.?Save for a couple kept for sentimental reasons from Jim's boyhood (one with Pam Anderson, the other Tahnee Welch), none of them are dated past the seventies. In my opinion, publicly accepted porn went down hill in the past many decades. The girls got faker and faker, the photos got glossier and more annoying, fake, and gross than titillating, exciting, or interesting.

But even those old Playboys, with the (more) real looking girls and the actual public hair and the lens flairs would never be mistaken for their shelf neighbors. Italian Vogue and Playboy live on different worlds, at least until now.

Playboy France has emerged lately as the artiest, fashioniest nude rag out there and I absolutely love, love love it! March featured Lou Dillion in a to die for spread. She's all small tits, garter belts, leather jackets and awesome. November of last year had a surprising cover model in the distinguished Juliette Binoche and if you want arty, scroll down here to see her dancy, fancy blurry shoot.

This month Lily Cole dons the cover, and NYMag, which really does help me out with a lot of good tips, ran a small story about it. She's very Lolita and of course people are up in arms. But it's what got me curious about Playboy France, what was this strange entity that looks Meisel but clearly says “Playboy”?

Sadly, Jim's quest to grab the October issue was not a complete success. We have September's instead until the new one reaches our shores. It's nothing to sneeze at though with a foxy strawberry blond named Laura on the cover. Inside she wears furs and lace thigh highs, converse sneakers and black panties, and bow ties and bunny ears.

I'll have more information on the place to get it in the city, Casa Magazines on 8th Ave and 12th St next week, when I make a trip there myself.

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Posted on October 13, 2008

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