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rapunzel raspberry yogurt stickYou have no idea how many times I have coveted something, planned days or even weeks around trying or doing something and then had fate step in and mess it all up for me. I think it is the world's way of throwing a little spontaneity my way (spontaneity as in the real definition of the word, not as the new dating show code word for slutty), either that or the world is really out to get me.

I tend to dismiss the latter though, because of instances just like this one: I intended all week to finally try a cookie I've been eyeing for months, it's always there, taunting me at Whole Foods, and today was the day I was going to have it… Or not. They were sold out.

But it prompted me to seek out an alternative because once you have it on the brain that you are eating a dessert at lunch, a dessert must be found. And I found this German import made of raspberry yogurt filling (it tastes like the innards of the pink and, in my opinion, most prized chocolates in a valentine's box) covered in a thin layer of chocolate. At 120 calories it was one of the least bad for you dessert options and doesn't taste it. Really excellent.

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Posted on June 25, 2007

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