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rashida jonesRashida Jones 's cute dimpled face first became known to us in the classic Freaks and Geeks episode “Kim Kelly is my friend“. Remember the totally hot freak girl that sucks Daniel's thumb and calls Sam Bilbo Baggins? Yes, my heart skipped a beat too.

Unfortunately the poor girl has since been humiliated in one of the most unfunny and appalling gynecologist scenes in one of the most unfunny and appalling movies of the year – Little Black Book starring the unfunny and appalling Brittany Murphy.

She also found a small piece of television non-history in the already forgotten Wanted.

But now we can see her shining smile (courtesy of hot mom Peggy Lipton and stellar father Quincy Jones) every week in a project that is not only non-shameful, but certainly one of the best shows currently airing, the (American) Office.

If you still aren't watching, now's the time, not only is the adorable Miss Jones a new character, but Ed Helms from the Daily Show has entered as one of the most ingeniously portrayed asshole co-workers you can imagine.

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Posted on December 4, 2006

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