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Randy Savage aka Macho Man was an American icon. His recent death came as a shock. Most everyone of a certain age, wrestling fan or not, knows him as the Snap into a Slim Jim guy in the series of commercials that are nostalgically awesome – “Are’t thou bored?!

It was his flamboyant, insane WWF persona however that made him a star. If you missed his antics the first time around, now is a great time to catch up on the world of Macho Man. A simple youtube search will reveal all sorts of gems.

Only in the world of wrestling can you find the drama of over the top acting, the amazement of incredible physical feats, and the pizazz of out of this world costumes (and let’s be honest, the jackets Macho Man is sporting? They’d sell for a ridiculous amounts at Opening Ceremony today). Randy Savage was a master of the all the theatrics.

So put on Pomp and Circumstance and raise a glass to a unique icon that will be missed.

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Posted on May 21, 2011

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