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The Voice Behind Clarissa Explains It All

Rachel Sweet is a pretty obscure celebrity, her singing career in front of the public eye only lasted a few years, so if you didn’t catch the single B-A-B-Y, or see her (not very good) comedy show called The Sweet Life,?or notice her in a brief appearance on Seinfeld or get outraged at her preteen sexed up image, the name might be unfamiliar.

But when I stumbled across these photos of her on Bobby Shred’s Fan Page, I knew I had a new obsession. How great is this girl? Kind of a slightly punk fifteen year old Valerie Bertinelli meets Pee-Wee’s girlfriend from his big adventure. And she wears ties, men’s hats, and 80’s Zum Zum type prom dresses!

Of course, John Waters was able to see something special too as he used her to sing his Hairspray theme and do a lot of the music in Cry Baby. Other behind the scenes accomplishments are her singing of the Clarissa Explains it All song, a show she co produced. She also produced George Lopez (Seth Galifianakis would be psyched), Legally Blonde, Dharma and Greg and Sports Night. A mixed bag, some good some not so much but the real reason she’s here on the list are those teenage outfits!

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Posted on April 7, 2008

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