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quince aperitifThe waiter at L'epi Dupin was extremely proud of this aperitif and in a discussion of broken French and English begged us to guess to intriguing and lovely taste. Without highly sophisticated palettes we guessed grapes and pears, but were told with great enthusiasm “Non, quince!”. It certainly made sense then that it paired so fantastically with out cheese plate.

Coming home, I've yet to find a bottle of the French traditional aperitif described in this article:

“In France, there is even a traditional homemade aperitif wine in which white wine is infused with quince and vanilla, sweetened with sugar, and fortified with eau de vie.”

but I was able to find a couple simple recipes to make it yourself: a couple use brandy, a couple use vodka. I'm not sure if these will be the same as the French version we tried, but I can imagine neither would hurt you.

There are also a couple Slovenian bottled brands: Fricko and Imperia, but like most things I imagine the home made version is preferable.

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Posted on March 2, 2009

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