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queen puddingWhen I was researching meringue last week for my dessert entry, I came across the recipe for Queen Pudding, a dessert that sounded so outrageously good, I had to make it immediately and invite a few friends over to try it.

This is excellent and dangerously delicious. If you love bread pudding, raspberry jam, or meringue you will be in heaven.

A traditional British dessert, Queen Pudding (aka Queen of Puddings) has a few varying recipes, like most dishes that have been around for ages. One recipe dating from 1894 calls for an addition of bread crumbs, lemon and butter and never mentions the raspberry jam. I cannot tell you which is better, but it would surprise me to find anything as good as the recipe I used which has a few updates.

It's thought to have gotten it's name from Queen Victoria, who admired the local pudding in Manchester. The chef, flushed in her praise, changed the name from Manchester Pudding to Queen of Puddings on the spot.

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Posted on March 3, 2008

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