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Qi Gong Tui-Na SalonAfter a permanently back breaking evening outside my own beloved bed, my shoulders have been giving me grief all vacation, so I started looking for relief in the form of a massage. My plan to save more money this year was instantly thwarted, though when I saw how expensive it can be.

Luckily, someone posted a positive review for the tiny Chinese spot around the block, you know one of those places you pass everyday, but pay no mind to? Anyways, prompted by the incredible deals there, I headed off on a Sunday afternoon and found yet another reason to love my neighborhood.

Qi Gong Tui-Na Salon is a dark sliver of a shop with neon in the window, and little more than a few temporary bamboo walls and curtains to separate the beds. It's not terribly private and there are no frills at all. In fact, on my visit two loud guys came in one either side of me with their smoker's cough girlfriends in tow and I could clearly hear one of the men “Lenny” having quite a bit of difficulty getting out of his clothes. If this sounds too much for you to bare, maybe the low cost would not be worth it for you. But for me, the massage was so relaxing that the distractions were just kind of funny.

The deal is this:
20 min = $18
30 min = $26
45 min = $38
60 min = $48

If you're nice and tip (and why wouldn't you?) they'll give you a card that allows one free visit after ten.

This is an incredible deal compared to other options that cost at least double, sometimes triple. Plus, it's an expert, wonderfully relaxing massage. If the stark environment betrays the cheapness, the actual massage does not.

It begins with gentle a rubdown over a towel before the lotion comes out. She was amazing with her tiny hands, finding all the spots that have been troubling me for the past couple weeks. My back and shoulders got lots of care and a bit of slapping (a Thai massage technique that to someone walking in might be misinterpreted as a vigorous happy ending). She also did my neck and scalp before finishing with my arms.

Foot massages are a separate service and one I definitely plan on trying next time. Open until 10 pm, it's not only affordable and great but a huge convenience if you live in the neighborhood and find yourself overly stressed by a day's work.

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Posted on January 12, 2009

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