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PylosPylos is exactly the kind of restaurant that lures wealthy, graying upper east and west siders with real “artisan” jewelry and expensive camelhair coats to the once distant downtown neighborhood of the East Village.

They were there in droves, even early on a Thursday we barely got a table and the place stayed steadily busy all night. All for good reason too. The menu is likely unlike most Greek restaurants you've known, offering cornish hen marinated in lemon, orange, cumin and honey; monkfish baked with leeks, chestnuts, prunes and red wine, and cretan _ honey braised lamb shank .

The appetizers are even more alluring and we were fanatical about the cured meat and kasseri cheese stuffed phyllo option we tried. The dessert of crisp phyllo napoleon layered with greek yogurt and sour-cherry mousse was also a smile inducing treat that wasn't too heavy.

The prices are a bit high for the neighborhood, but well worth it for a nice evening out. The atmosphere is unique, with a ceiling made of hanging ceramic pots, which is really quite stunning, and attractive dim lighting. The service is top notch, but when you are finished, you better get a move on as there are going to be hungry diners waiting in the wings.

Pylos is a civilized place not suited to a big group and loud conversation, but you can't expect all those richies to come all the way downtown for anything less.

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Posted on February 26, 2007

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