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PoirotIt is a travesty, an embarrassment, and absolute craziness that I have not recommended the exceptional series, Agatha Christie's Poirot in these pages before. I even double and triple checked to see if I had recommended it at one point and just forgot. Well, I am rectifying the glaring omission now as a huge and loyal fan of the exquisitely art directed and acted mystery.

David Suchet much like Jeremy Brett before him portraying Sherlock Holmes, positively embodies and becomes Agatha Christie's famously fussy Hercules Poirot. The Belgium detective, living in the most stunning art deco flat in London circa 1936. A former famed policeman, the stout and dignified man is now a free agent, solving mysteries often with the help of the charming but slightly bumbling Chief Inspector Japp, Captain Hastings, and the sweet Miss Lemon.

With over twelve series spanning nearly twenty years, there is much to discover for anyone who has not seen this acclaimed show yet. I am doubtful I've even seen them all, especially the more recent, and from what I've read, darker episodes.

The mysteries are intriguing and cozy, the acting is great, but the real magic of the show is the art direction and costuming. If I could make the world of Poirot my own, I would. Every interior, exterior, pillow, garden, hat, sleeve, bed frame, and hairdo is perfection. Please take a look at some more stills from the show and enter into my dream existence.

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Posted on January 5, 2009

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