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plimoth plantations MAI have to say, my recent trip to Plimoth Plantations really surprised me and exceeded my expectations. With wicked glee I was looking forward to an afternoon of over-costumed over acting, but I found a really authentic and dare I say, dignified attraction where the villages of both the 1627 English Pilgrims and their uneasy neighbors the Wampanoag are painstakingly reconstructed and, rather than looking like a cleaned up, Epcot version, felt very realistic–with real dirt and all.

The actors too were impressive. The Wampanoag spoke in modern language and explained the customs of their people and even though the villagers spoke in olde English, no one bothers you, they leave it up to you to ask the questions, and more often than not you can expect to receive interesting and informative answers.

The old school wood worker whose goods are on display in the homes and for sale in the store was particularly engaging. The landscape and views of the towns are really spectacular and worth the price of admission alone.

Not the cheesy fun you might be expecting, but something even better. On your way out, take Route 3A till you hit the town of Hingham, you'll see the Hingham Lobster Pound where we dined on the best lobster roll and onion rings of the whole trip. A perfect ending to a grand day out.

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Posted on August 20, 2007

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