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Play D & D This week Dan's character, Nab Dabney, who's made a break with the main land in an attempt to find the bad news roofer who ripped off his mom (according to a nude sketch Nab Dabney's mom made of the roofer, the guy is the spitting image of actor Dennis Farina) fell under the sway of a powerful Genie that had been kept in a plain looking sugar bowl for weeks on end. Then Nab tried to seduce Mike's character, Fucshia Bloodmir, but she cast a charm spell on him and then magically put him to sleep. Oh, and the players all visited a steak house called Mikey's Pump and Rump where the Genie possessed a waitress and laid out its plan for vengeance. There wasn't any fighting, but sometimes those are the best games.

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Posted on December 5, 2005

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