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Plaid StallionsWell, Brian says he mocks the seventies, but I can recognize a fellow nostalgic obsessive when I see one. There is something about the decade that continues to fascinate those of us that barely lived in it. Despite, or because of, the sometimes grotesquely questionable fashions and trends, nothing flames the fire of sentimentality about the decade more than catalogs. Plaid Stallions consists mostly of images from these tomes, which I also collect off eBay. From man mates to nippleless women, from unhappy pajama kids (possibly my favorite image on the site) to ads for Star Trek Metal Detectors, there is enough material here to last you hours.

Currently he is expanding his kitsch empire by asking you for vintage photographs: “Did you see Spider-Man at Woolco? Did Darth Vader visit your local K-Mart? Got pics? Well, we want them! Send us a mall appearance photo or toy store pics from the 70's or 80's and we'll send you a special Plaid stallions Prize package.” You can also add Plaid Stallions as your myspace friend.

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Posted on October 1, 2007

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